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Our science-backed talent assessments guide you to make wise decisions and find the right match for your job roles.


You can find our features below:

Customized competency-based assessment opportunity

Competency-based assessment to measure a candidates' suitability for the company and the position

Scientific data-based guidance

Suggesting suitable measurement and assessment tools for the position during recruitment processes

Easy to manage

It’s easy to select the competencies to be measured from the Nartio competency library. It's Nartio's job to measure.

Talent Development

Maximises the potential of employees and contribute to the overall success of the organization by enhancing their performance.

Diversity and Inclusion

Aims to celebrate diversity, ensure equality and justice, prevent discrimination, and create strategies and policies that enable everyone to realize their full potential.


Facial recognition technology analyzes a person's facial features to create a unique identity profile. It is used in various fields such as security, access control, or identity verification by recognizing a person's face and detecting any cheating behaviours.

Mass Hiring

Employers aim to eliminate candidates based on specific criteria and then select candidates through stages such as interviews and assessment processes.


You can find our tests/assessments below:

DynamiQ General Reasoning Test

DynamiQ measures an individual's reasoning ability, learning agility, and potential to apply what... Read More

Wise Personality Inventory

Wise is a personality inventory that is based on neuroscience and modern psychometric personality... Read More

Motivas Motivation and Values ​​Inventory

Motivas is an assessment that measures the subjects and core... Read More

HolistiQ Managerial Analytical Skills Test

HolistiQ provides valuable insights into an individual's analytical... Read More

Lift Attention Test

Lift is used to assess an individual's ability to focus on tasks and be attentive. It measures... Read More

Lingoby English Test

Lingoby is designed by academics and assessment experts to determine participants' English... Read More

Video Case

Provides competency assessment specific to the candidate by selecting competencies... Read More


You can find our cases below:

Mass Recruitment Projects

Young Talent Projects

Competency Assessment

Culture Fit

Talent Pool

Leadership Skills


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